Mack Robles was unfortunately born, but that is how life goes I suppose. Son of a writer and a musician, grandson of writers and musicians, it was only natural that he followed the unnatural artistic ways of the family. He grew up surrounded by books, playing daily in his grandfather’s library where hundreds of tomes watched over him with that particular way books can stare at us. That library passed to his mother and grew with her own hundreds of acquisitions, and now it continues to grow like a monster every time Mack or his mother get a new book to feed it.

He was top of his class when he graduated from University… with a graphic design degree that as you can see has little to do with literature. Nevertheless, Mack was part of the literary circle and workshop which gave him the opportunity not only to learn from published local authors, but to publish in a couple anthologies himself. Anthologies you are not going to ever see unless you happen to find his school and know how to read spanish.

Mack’s influences come from music and TV shows and authors alike with no discrimination to either art form. My Chemical Romance and Led Zeppelin had as much an impact in his literature as Supernatural, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Stephen King, or Chuck Palahniuk had. Always inclined to the transgressive and those things that make aunts contort their faces in disgust, that is what he decided to write; those are the stories that demanded him to be written.

Oh, yeah, they tried to exorcise him one time –not joking– but it didn’t take.